Mit „Lexware kassenbuch“ arbeiten Sie in jedem Alle weiteren Vorteile von „ Lexware kassenbuch“: Kontenrahmen sind hinterlegt (SKR 03, SKR 04, Ärzte. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Kapitalgesellschaften – Barthel. DATEV E-Bilanz-Kontenrahmen SKR 04 Einzelunternehmen DATEV- Kontenrahmen SKR 03 – Einzelunternehmen – Barthel.

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I’m not sure what you mean by something aware of German laws, I would have thought whatever you were using before would be fine, but just in case it helps, a few suggestions rather than recommendations, as I don’t currently use any software for this purpose: Thank you for reading this ream and for any help you kotnenrahmen give!

Accounting software for freelance English teachers? – Business – Toytown Germany

Die aktuellsten Kontenrahmen sind hinterlegt …. Gehen Sie deshalb ab heute auf Nummer sicher: Hi PandaMunich and Smaug Thank you both for the replies and helping the conversation along to clarify things for me.

Register a new account. They hand in their shoebox full of unsorted receipts and then drop off the face of the earth. Its mostly for my own use, though.

I used Quickbooks before in the US, but need something that is aware of the German laws that apply. I didn’t want to do that because it isnt an office and I live there during the week – what if there leexware were an inspection or something? That employee couldn’t know that Campari was the exception to the rule – a client who was actually willing to get the necessary information herself.

Accounting software for freelance English teachers?

Alle Daten einfach exportieren … Folgende Schnittstellen sind enthalten: Posted 8 Apr I’d be seriously pissed of if he called any of my clients to ask where such or such work had taken place.


Posted 26 Jun Beispiele aus der Praxis. He normally has my accounts prepared and submitted within a day or two. Hi all, Can anyone direct me to a relatively inexpensive software package for keeping track of invoicing and expenses for a freelance English teacher?

If you want to actually do bookkeeping, you kontenranmen a bookkeeping software that exports your bookkeeping into the format your Steuerberater uses, which most times means the DATEV format. Paul Eichmann und Dr.

I’m hoping that I can continue to use it in Germany, especially based on the above comments that I’ve got no chance of finding German centric accounting software that has an English language interface.

Started by techgirl11 Jun Bei Nichtgefallen deinstallieren Sie einfach die Software innerhalb von 1 Monat und schicken uns das Deinstallationsprotokoll. If my accountant wants to check something like that he asks me. Thank you again for your referenced information – I love it!

Dear TTers I too am in the same boat and hopelessly lost. Anyway long story short, please could someone help me find – a dead easy to use bookkeeping software in English that I can manage on my own? Major clients give us space, but we also have smaller groups, private clients and workshops when we do rent rooms by the day or hour from business centres and even Mercure meeting rooms.

SKR 03 Englisch

Nie wieder nach Quittungen und Belegen suchen: I’m hoping that a German steueurberator will offer similar benefit if I can keep reasonable books myself. Bei den kohtenrahmen Kriterien hat der Lexware-Service sehr gut bis gut abgeschnitten ….

I get the impression that what annoyed the Sk is that the bookkeeper went over her head contacting her client and acting as if she were an investigator on the Finanzamt’s payroll. Rechtssichere Kassenbuch-Software 1 Monat testen.

None of the software I’ve listed costs any money at all, but I doubt they are “aware of the German laws” either. I think I’ll leave it for a while – there maybe big changes ahead after today’s vote anyway: Posted 28 Jun Many thanks in advance.


Sparen Sie Zeit und Tipp-Arbeit: Nutzen Sie die hinterlegten Kontenrahmendie gespeicherten Buchungstexte und die automatische Belegnummernvergabe. If not, have a look at the cloud solution Exact Online. They are plugging their own LexOffice program which ofcourse is in German.

I know that sounds crazy but our present Steuerberater company has some funny employees who act like they are working for the Inland Revenue and not for the client So I suggested setting it off as teaching room expense till I had time to research the second flat thing some more. Sign up for a new account in our community. Sign In Sign Up. Started by techgirl11 Jun freelance account software. What I suggested was setting the second flat off as teaching room expenses in the interim probably not allowable in this case?

Haben Sie Fragen?

Schritt 1 von 2. I do believe that Steuerbearters do valuable work, and ours has done their work for us well, even though freieberufler are not their target clients. The Steuerberaters also do say that they charge us extra for setting the accounts in Elster, so it seems a fair exchange.

On the tax point actually, even though we sometimes take our receipts to the Steuerberater in a box, its all nicely sorted and clipped, with travel expenses done according to the time of day: If not I could give the finished accounts to the Tax Accountants instead of the box with receipts that we konhenrahmen or less do now.

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