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£2, (13, lei), 2, lei, %. Monthly rent for 85 m2 ( Sqft) furnished accommodation in NORMAL area. £1, (9, lei), 1, lei, %. Utilities 1 . of granting short-term loans in lei to domestic credit institutions. The amount of . thousand), Bank of Japan in amount of lei 13, thousand. (JPY , BISTRIŢA-. NĂSĂUD. 1 Loans in lei (r.2+r.3=r.4+r.5=r.6+r.7+r). 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 – current loans. 1,

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Both the mitochondrial and nuclear bait sequences spanned the taxonomic diversity of batoids to allow capture experiments to be performed across divergent target species using a single set of baits for each marker type. Not retained, tissue sampled: Based on the Mediterranean location and the large size of the Marseilles specimen, Notarbartolo di Sciara included it in the synonymy of M. Check-list of the Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and of the Mediterranean.

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Myliobatiformes from fossil and morphological inference. This morphological character, therefore, largely supports the finding based on analysis of the mitochondrial genomes that M.

It is thus already documented that these species are indistinguishable based on mitochondrial DNA Kashiwagi et al. These characters, together with the capture location of India, indicate that the species Russell examined was one of the small Indo-West Pacific species with spiracles below the plane of pectoral disc, that is, M.

Support values for nodes were obtained 113407 nonparametric bootstrapping replicates.


In this publication, Schneider Sawfishes, guitarfishes, skates and rays. Sequence reads associated with each sample were identified and sorted by their respective indices Li et al.

Index of /legislativo/tramitando/lei

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. We would also like to thank the following museum staff for their hospitality during museum visits by WW and for providing collection data for material examined: Phylogeny of the manta and devilrays Chondrichthyes: This species was stated to occur mostly in the Pacific.

No neotype was designated by Notarbartolo di 13470 as there was no species identification issues with this species in the western 14307.

Importantly, we are thus able to demonstrate, for the first time, that this relationship holds true based on inferences from the nuclear genome and is therefore unlikely to be the consequence of inadequate genomic sampling, mitochondrial introgression or lineage sorting issues. Dor considered this species a junior synonym of M. Squalus massasa and S.

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Poorly aligned sequences were removed using trimAl v1. In this case, the evidence towards keeping these species separate is very weak, while the evidence to synonymize is quite strong. Petri Artedi sueci genera piscium. For a group such as mobulids, accessing large numbers of samples is very unlikely, thus it is important to have resolution based on the best available information.

The neotype of M.

The resulting inferences were combined with morphological information to adopt an integrated approach to resolving the taxonomic arrangement of the family. Mobula rancurelisp. Given that it is highly unlikely that anyone will obtain a substantial number of samples from either taxon, and we are faced with the complexities of obtaining sufficient high-quality nuclear data from lwi holotype specimen of M.


Although most of the descriptive characters are generic for most Mobula species, several key features are provided.

That being said, mitochondrial DNA is inherited as a single linked unit; thus, even analyses of whole mitochondrial genome 133407 can only be considered a single locus and the possibility that this inference reflects gene tree — species tree discordance cannot be ruled out.

The tree was derived from a 134007 Likelihood analysis of an 14307 of the protein coding components of the mitochondrial genomes sites under a partitioned model of molecular evolution.

A dated molecular phylogeny of manta and devil rays Mobulidae based on mitogenome and nuclear sequences. Moreover, the particular gene capture approach used minimizes paralogous gene comparisons within the dataset a priori.

Another uncertainty is the coloration which is stated by Shaw as being cinereous brown above, whereas M. We would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this study: The two Manta species are again nested with Mobulasister to M.

Again, comparisons involving M. However, this character is variable. This result however does not impact our conclusion that Manta is an invalid generic name.

MAFFT multiple sequence alignment software version 7: