The International Convention on Load Lines (CLL), was signed in London on 5 April , amended by the Protocol and further revised in LL69 Interpretation to ICLL Reg. Rev.1 July LL70 Corrosion Margin for Hatch Cover Design. Jan LL71 Similar Stage of. Rev.1 Nov LL Position of freeboard deck on float on/float off barge carriers. (Regulation 3(9)). Rev.1 July LL Interpretation to ICLL Reg.

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Hatchway coamings 1 At positions 1 and 2 the height above the deck of hatchway icl fitted with weathertight hatch covers of steel or other equivalent material fitted with gaskets and clamping devices shall be as specified in Regulation 15 1. Skip to main content.

Article 32 Territories Ingangsdatum: Permanente link Article 12 Submersion 1 Except as provided in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article, the appropriate Load lines on the sides of the ship 9166 to the season of the year and the zone or area in which the ship may be shall not be submerged at any time when the ship puts to sea, during the voyage or on arrival.

This curve shall be used in determining the sheer profile ickl forward and after halves of the ship. Position 1 Upon exposed freeboard and raised quarter 9166, and upon exposed superstructure decks situated forward of a point located a quarter of the ship’s length from the forward perpendicular.

Doorways in such deckhouses or companionways shall be fitted with doors complying with the requirements of Regulation 12 1.

Place of issue of certificate. The working languages are English, French and Spanish.

International Convention on Load Lines

When a ship departs from a port situated on a river or inland waters, deeper loading shall be permitted corresponding to the weight of fuel and all other materials required for consumption between the point of departure and the sea. All assigned load lines must be marked amidships on each side of the ship, together with the deck line.

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Weathertight covers 2 Where weathertight covers are of mild steel the strength shall be calculated with assumed Loads not less than 1. Permanente link Article 21 Control ic,l Ships holding a certificate issued under Article 16 or Article 17 are subject, when in the ports of other Contracting Governments, to control by officers duly authorized by such Governments.

International Convention on Load Lines – Wikipedia

Annex II covers Zones, areas and seasonal periods. Ships above feet in length shall be dealt with by the Administration.

Iclk 20 Acceptance of Certificates Ingangsdatum: Normally each separate discharge shall have one automatic non-return valve with a positive means of closing it from a position above the freeboard deck. Length of ship feet.

Such a ship necessarily has the following inherent features: This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Permanente link Permanente link Article 03 General provisions 1 No ship to which the present Convention applies shall proceed to sea on an international voyage after the date on which the present Convention comes into force unless it has been surveyed, marked and provided with an International Load Line Certificate or, where appropriate, an International Load Line Exemption Certificate in accordance with the provisions of the present Convention.

Article 19 Duration of Certificates iccll An International Load Jcll Certificate shall be issued for a period specified by the Administration, which shall not exceed five years from the date of issue.

Conditions, if any, on which the exemption is granted under either Article 6 2 or Article 6 4: Percentages at intermediate lengths of superstructures shall be obtained by linear interpolation.

IMO has endeavoured to make the information on this website as 1696 as possible but cannot take responsibility for any errors. Any such ship shall, kcll, comply with safety requirements, which, in the opinion of that Administration, are adequate for the service for which it is intended and are such as to ensure the overall safety of the ship and which are acceptable to the Governments of the States to be visited by the ship.

Permanente link Permanente link Reg.


Article 26 Communication of Information Ingangsdatum: Where, however, the vertical distance from the summer Load waterline to the inboard end of the discharge pipe exceeds 0. For the guidance of Administrations in applying sub-paragraphs d and e of this paragraph the limits given in sub-paragraphs 3 ab and c may be regarded 19666 satisfactory.

International Convention on Load Lines 1966 (ICLL 1966)

Wire rope lashings shall have a short length of long link chain to permit the length of lashings to be regulated. Double bottom tanks 2 Double bottom tanks where fitted within the midship half length of the ship shall have adequate watertight longitudinal subdivision.

Relaxations from these requirements may be granted to a ship to which a greater than minimum freeboard is assigned on condition that the Administration is satisfied with the safety conditions provided. In the case of ships with rounded gunwales the guard rail supports shall be placed on the flat of the deck.

The number of such openings shall be the minimum compatible with the design and proper working of the ship.

Position 2 Upon exposed superstructure decks situated abaft a quarter of the ship’s length from the forward perpendicular and located at least one standard height of superstructure above the freeboard deck.

If questions are raised regarding the content, the original version of the regulatory framework as published through the official channels prevails. Lashings 6 Timber deck cargo shall be efficiently secured throughout its length by independent over-all lashings spaced not more than 3 metres 9. Weathertight means that in any sea conditions water will not iclk into the ship. The provisions of Regulation 15 5 are applicable for ships of not more than metres feet in length.

Turn off more accessible mode. Length of ship feet Freeboard increase inches Length of ship feet Freeboard increase inches and below 2.