It is a curve which join highest point of the earth and lowest point of the the basis of this curve we can identify ocean reliefs as well as. The hypsographic (or hypsometric) curve is the representation of the statistical distribution of elevations over the entire world. In the areas which are covered. Hypsometry is the measurement of land elevation Bathymetry is the underwater equivalent. Hypsography of the Earth. Notice that A hypsometric curve is a histogram or cumulative distribution function of elevations in a geographical area.

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This geomorphology article is a stub. Major subdivisions of the oceans. The hypsographic curve shows what percentage of Earth’s surface rises above present-day sea level to a given height, or sinks below it to a given depth. Sonar so und na vigation r anginginvented during World War II — measures distances by emitting a short pulse of high-frequency sound and measuring the time until an echo is heard. Neumann, Gerhard, and Willard Pierson.

Bathymetric maps represent the ocean depth as a function of geographical coordinates in the same way topographic maps represent the altitude of Earth’s surface at different geographic points.

When drawn as a 2-dimensional histogram, a hypsometric curve displays the elevation y on the vertical, y-axis and area above the corresponding elevation x on the horizontal or x-axis.

The oceanic crust that is forced to submerge or subduct hyspographic this manner slides down into the mantle at an angle. Hypzographic it ends as the slope moderates to a mere degree or two from horizontal.


Contact our editors with your feedback. Along the length of a typical subduction zone or deep-sea trench, a sheet of old oceanic crust is forced beneath continental crust. If you prefer to suggest your own htpsographic of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Not only was this method time-consuming, it was inaccurate; ship drift or water currents could drag the line off at an angle, which would exaggerate the depth reading.

Help us improve this article! It is composed of fine-grained continental sediments curvd and clay washed down the many submarine canyons that notch the continental slope. In class, we created a hypsographic curve from a given bathymetric map of a lake ranging from feet in depth.

Learn More in these related Britannica hjpsographic The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. This cartography or mapping term article is a stub. Along the center of the mid-ocean ridge is the rift valley, a deep V-shaped notch. Newer Post Older Post Home. This area is the flank of the mid-ocean ridge, a long, undersea mountain chain that usually hjpsographic down the middle of the ocean.

A hypsometric curve is essentially a hypsogrraphic that shows the proportion of land area that exists at various elevations by plotting relative area against relative height. On other planets within this solar system, elevations are typically unimodalowing to the lack of oceans on those bodies. It was also difficult to tell when the sounding line had actually touched bottom.


The hypsographic curve is a scientific way of describing the curge of the seafloor. The continental shelf ends at a sudden dropoff called the shelf break.

Water, a substance composed of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen and existing in gaseous, liquid,…. These growing sheets of crust have the effect of forcing the distant continents farther apart, a process called sea-floor spreading.

Hypsometric curve | geology |

Freeman and Company, For many miles out, the ocean is only a few hundred feet deep and gets deeper quite slowly i. Twin sheets of fresh, mile-thick crust emerge from the mantle along the sides of the rift valley and flow slowly away from it in opposite directions. Show my email publicly. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Most bathymetric maps show isobaths lines of equal depths as contours for the body of water.

G115 – Introduction to Oceanography

After the war, ships with sonar units attached to their hulls crisscrossed the world’s oceans systematically, measuring depth. Bulletin of the Hy;sographic Society of America.

Some continental margins are characterized by subduction zones, whereby oceanic crust is destroyed beneath the edge of a continental plate.