que le cas de la France, la désindexation des salaires par rapport à l’inflation, la cas par exemple du contrat Sonatrach-Distrigaz (Etats-Unis) qui retient comme prix FOB .. assure ainsi une grille unique de tarifs à l’échelle nationale. Sonatrach/Intégration nationale: Près de 10 milliards de dinars de projets Linda Naili – 30 décembre DERNIERS ARTICLES. Sonelgaz: Lancement du. La faible augmentation des salaires et le chômage sont aussi des facteurs à below the Sahara Desert in Algeria at its In Salah venture with BP and Sonatrach. Généralement, il paiera chacun d’eux à la pièce, selon une grille horaire.

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Par contre des conditions oscillatoires observees en laboratoire se sont averees difficiles a reproduire en numerique, puisque les structures d’ecoulements impactants des parois concaves sont fortement dependantes de la turbulence et des effets instationnaires.

IRG-Traitements et salaires

Polarographic study of Cd 2Pb 2Hg 1 in anhydrous acetic acid; Etude polarographique de Cd 2Pb 2Hg 1 dans l’acide acetique anhydre. The study of this site of the Marcoule Center shows that its regional economical influence is limited to the buying power distributed among its personnel.

C a mis en evidence un phenomene de pyrolyse acceleree sur le produit radiolyse. In this report, we are investigating the solar modulation of cosmic electrons, in different ways. Then, the measured results are communicated, interpreted and finally compared with those of a theoretical study about the same cold moderators which have been the matter of the experimental investigation.

Ce rapport est consacre a la recherche de modeles d’echangeurs. This theoretical model has been compared with the results of a detailed study density thresholds, wave structure, frequency spectrum, wavelengths, growth rate, amplitude of the electric field of the instability observed in the DECA II device. Full Text Available This article is divided into two parts.


The kinetics of the exchange reactions is followed by studying the behaviour of a radioactive ion, either in the solution of the exchanging salt or in the ultramarine itself.

The diffusion coefficients and the activation energies are determined for the exchanges studied. The physiological parameters particular to this age are quantified. Binary mixtures were analysed by methods outlined below and then the analysis was extended to the many component system. True intake differences, mode effects, and volunteer bias might each contribute to explaining the findings.

On decrit les differentes experiences effectuees jusqu’a ce jour.

Comité Olympique et Sportif Algérien

We have also verified the multipolarities of the main transitions and measured the half-lives of a few levels chapter 3 we find a half-life of 1. Stable isotope separation; Separations physicochimiques d’isotopes stables realisations et etudes de petites productions. La largeur de raie ne tend pas vers zero avec K.

Nous decrivons ensuite les techniques experimentales mises au point, en particulier l’ etude du revenu de la resistivite au cours d’une montee lineaire de temperature. Theoretical study of the paramagnetic scattering of neutrons; Etude theorique de la diffusion paramagnetique des neutrons. In spite of the fact that the precision of the experimental data is poor, the modulation can be represented by: The adjusted average daily weight gains per goat were The semi-modern bee hives perform better than the traditional one.

The distribution of biopsies is as follows: C The ions therefore remain associated, almost completely, in the form of ion-pairs produced as a result of the strong electrostatic interactions. Par le calcul, a partir du bruit de fond radio, du flux des electrons a l’exterieur du systeme solaire et sa confrontation avec le flux observe a l’orbite de la Terre permet l’ etude de la modulation solaire des electrons.


Dans la seconde partie nous avons aborde l’etuce des dosages de l’acidite d’une solution aqueuse. Experimental study of an ion cyclotron instability in a magnetic well sohatrach plasma; Etude experimentale d’une instabilite cyclotronique ionique dans un plasma confine dans un puits magnetique.

Normal liquid hydrogen was used as well as hydrogen with a high para-percentage. The most common mathematical methods for resolving a composite gamma-ray spectrum into its components were investigated. YAG dans cette famille de laser, mais des remplacants plus performants sont toujours recherches. We then compare the energies of interaction between point defects salairre the values deduced gille the theory of elasticity. The aim of this work is to study the thyroid fixation of various iodine compounds in mineral or organic form.

Those concerning the greatest number of agents in the Centre are classified according to the categories corresponding to the different conditions of working. In this research, we built a conceptual model of a sustainable and acceptable wind power policy that we tried to validate through the case study of France and Quebec in the wind energy sector. The small domestic ruminants presented six types of parasites strongyles, Strongyloides, coccidia, tapeworm, Capillaria, trematodes.

Etudes optiques de nouveaux materiaux laser: