View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III technical reference manual online. GlobeSurfer III Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III user manual online. Gateway. GlobeSurfer III Gateway pdf manual download. Welcome to the GlobeSurfer® III, your 3G wireless gateway router that connects you to the internet, allows you to make and For the newest firmware ver-.

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Add Port Forwarding Rule This screen allows the glogesurfer of new port forwarding rules. Dynamic routing automatically adjusts how packets travel on the network, whereas static routing specifies a fixed routing path to neighbouring destinations. Leave this feature disabled unless you encounter severe communication difficulties between the gateway and Wireless-G products. Press the Close button to go to the Home screen.

iiu This means that future packets from this IP address will be routed through the device from which the reply arrived. Press the Close button to go back to the Home screen. Advanced Your gateway’s firewall helps protect your computer by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to it through a network such as the Internet.

Outbound Auth1X – an outbound Auth1X mwnual has been accepted. An icon will appear in the notification area, announcing the successful initiation of the wireless connection.

Bgp And Ospf 9. This is a specification for connecting users on an Ethernet network to the Internet by using a broadband connection typically through a DSL modem. HSDPA speeds up to 7. Select an object type and enter the relevant information.


Option Audio GlobeSurfer III User Manual

Restricted Website This screen allows the entry of websites to be restricted. Check the Edit the Newly Created Connection check box if you wish to be routed to the new connection’s configuration screen after clicking Finish. Please insert the SIM card before you plug in the power adapter. The following checkboxes can be clicked: By setting port triggering rules, you can allow inbound traffic to arrive at a specific LAN host, using ports different than those used for the outbound traffic.

To enable the firewall on this network connection, select the Enabled check box. Configuration File Click on the Upgrade hyperlink in the top right hand corner to upgrade. A bus essentially allows different parts of the system to share data. The source address should be entered in one of the following: For each device the following data is displayed: Press the Cancel button to reject changes and go back to the previous screen.


Use The ‘quick Setup Wizard Select the language you want to use. Don’t have an account? Sent Sms Text Messages Alternatively you can: These settings can be changed but note that you should disconnect before doing any changes to the SIM setup.

You will need to allow IP fragments to pass into the home network in order to make use of these select services. Don’t have an account? Press the OK button to apply changes and go back to the previous screen. Page 73 o Always — access is always controlled o User defined — this routes to the Edit Scheduler Rule screen see section 8.


Page of Go. Routing Press the Close button to go to the Home screen.

Group Key Update Interval Defines the time interval in seconds for updating a group key. Hard reset instructions for Option GlobeSurfer III If your GlobeSurfer III router is not working as it should, dropping connections or mabual being responsive, you should first do a reset of the router to globesurfrr if the problems persist. The default is 10 minures.

Scheduler rules are used for limiting the activation of settings, such as firewall rules, to specific time periods, specified in days of the week, and hours. Wireless The wireless access point settings are: Page 88 timeserver address by clicking the New Entry link at the bottom of the section.

The firewall regulates the flow of data between the home network and the Internet. Got it, continue to print. The Security Log displays a list of firewall-related events, including attempts to establish inbound and outbound connections, attempts to authenticate through an administrative interface Web-based management or Telnet terminalfirewall configuration and system start- The following fields are displayed: Got it, continue to print.

Flashing custom firmwares is always on you’re on own risk.