The Java Media Framework (JMF) is an exciting and versatile API that the Java 2 platform, complete source files, and other tools essential for. Java Media Framework API (JMF). 19 January One of JMF’s important design considerations is to support standard protocols. JMF provides. Essential Jmf – Java Media Framework has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Essential JMF: Java Media Framework helps you master the key elements of JMF developm.

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The following code snippet shows how we set up the format and content descriptor variables, which are used to create the ProcessorModel object. Familiarity with AWT and Swing will help you follow the examples, but is not required. Just as before, the MediaLocator represents a network resource; that is, it’s where the media stream will be rendered. Events, Errors, and Exceptions.

The video player example is designed to run from the command line, much like the audio player example did, but this example is GUI based.

Essential Jmf – Java Media Framework by Rob Gordon

There are a few ways to represent the output phase of the Frameworo process model. AudioFormat instance to describe essehtial media input type see the javadoc to learn about the available formats. Stepping Stones to a Player. When the Player is ready, it will notify the application of its state changes. In this section we’ll create an application that can display and run both audio and video media from your local machine.


Managing Slave Co ntrollers.

QualityControlyou could cast to the QualityControl interface and then change any quality settings by calling any of the methods on the QualityControl interface. Controller State Transition Methods.

Closing the Text Player.

Creating a Player from a URL. This example introduces you to the Manager class and the Player interface, which are two of the major pieces in building most any JMF-based application. JMF handles all of the details of interfacing with the media file types. The following simple example of an RTP broadcast MediaLocator will let vramework machine on the specified network receive streamed media:.

Choose a delete action Empty this page Remove this framfwork and its subpages. Deferred Time-Base Synchronization with syncStart.

Essential JMF – Java Media Framework

If you were to write an application that handled only certain media types, you could count on certain Control objects being available through the Player instance.

Calling a createRealizedPlayer method causes the calling thread to block until the player reaches the Realized state.

Stopping at a Specified Time. Stephen Talley is a software engineer for Sun Microsystems, Inc. Removing a Managed Controller.


Closing the MIV Player. We start by invoking the application and passing in the file name of the media, just as we did in the previous section. You will find that many details that are not covered here are explained in the source code comments.

The Player interface exposes methods to obtain references to selected visual components. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

SyncStarting the AbstractCo ntroller.

On the transmitting machine, the process model would look something like this:. Realizing — The Player is determining the resources requirements of its media content.

Java Media Framework API (JMF) | Open Textbooks for Hong Kong

To increase performance, you should download the version that is specific to your OS. See Related topics for a link to download JMF. Medix on Clock Methods. Like all books in Prentice Hall PTR’s Essential Series, it delivers no-nonsense, nuts-and-bolts coverage in a task-oriented format that helps professional developers Manipulating the Package Prefix Lists.