Enda ETC PID Temperature controller Pt, J, K, T, S, R 2 A relay, SSR (L x W x H) 94 x 48 x 48 mm – now buy online with ease from Thank you for choosing ENDA ETC SERIES temperature controllers. Enter PID .. ETC ETC ETC ETC Pt 9. Pt 8. TC. TC. ET Double set point. Selectable sensor type (Pt, J, K, L, T, S, R). PID control function with accurate self-tuning. Digital inputs can be assigned to 3.

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Hi, I am roasting on an SF and having issues connecting to artisan. Good luck and let me know ensa it does not work, but let me know what is not working … Thomas. SET Alternatively, the same function occurs first pressing key and then pressing keys together. Make sure that the device is used only for intended purpose.

Marko Endq May 8, at Or maybe any other way to send hex data to serial port? The maximum value is the value of C. Automatic calculation of PID p arameters.


Electric charge reduction of compressor air can achieve more effective compressor operation. I just followed the instructions on the Artisan page.


After 1 second following the release of the key, initial condition is returned. Marko Luther September 12, at So this does not seem to be an Artisan issue. Data value during programming SV 3 Increment key during normal operation and programming Parameter selection key during programming 4 Decrement key during normal operation SET CSET If only this key is pressed in normal operation, software version number is seen. Relay output can be programmable as second alarm or control output.

When self tune procedure begins with no failure, Pid. Adjustable between 0 and minutes. Below are instructions I lifted from elsewhere that give the more detailed version of events but you can skip most of the terminal work he uses and go straight to editing the plist file.

John Michael Cord May 10, at 8: The device must be protected against inadmissible humidity, vibrations, severe soiling and make sure that the operation temperature is not exceeded. Tell us about it. Alarm1 and Alarm2 setpoint values can be adjusted in sequence when per press keys. The guarantee will be expired by damaging of the device if you don’t attend to the directions in the user manual.


Why not ask an expert nearby or try to get some wisdom from the crowed on the Artisan mailing list or a public coffee roasting forum? These cables should not be close to the power cables or components. Pt Re t ermomet r sistance h e.

Enda etc manual

Read this document carefully before using this device. Therefore, when using a grounding thermocouple, do not connect the logic output terminals to the ground. I have also reinstalled Artisan, so I am now a blank slate to start figuring out this problem.

On Windows, please first check if the supplied software from the vendor works. There is a ugly way to patch the kernel extension of the FTDI driver to make that converter work see http: The device configuration section PID Could it also be a matter of compatibility? Do not use the endz in locations subject to corrosive and flammable gases. Etd Luther May 19, at Ian Picco August 28, at 5: Dear Jake, I just added the commands writem id,register,[v1.