Definition A DFSA Gi initialized at qi ∈ Q generates the language L(Gi) ≡ {s ∈ ∗:δ∗(qi,s) ∈ Q} and its marked sublanguage Lm(Gi) ≡ {s ∈ ∗:δ∗ (qi,s). that the generated language L(G¿) = E*. DEFINITION The language Lm{Gi) marked by a DFSA Gi initialized at the state qi 6 Q is defined as. automaton (DFSA) that represents the discrete-event dynamics of a physical plant [l] where. Q={q1,q2,,q~)isth e set of states with qi being the initial state;.

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The optimal control then the plant qu cannot be improved by does not disable any controllable event leading to the event disabling and the null controller S0 i.

Syntheses of the control algorithms are illustrated with two application examples. The control policy with event disabling cost is The underlying theory of unconstrained optimal constructed by the following two-step procedure.

The in the number of DFSA model states. Skip to main content. For example, the and Control, Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas, December events must be generated in real time, based on physical in press.

Control and Optimization, 33, — Event disabling cost matrix C of the multiprocessor decoding system. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: S0 achieves optimal control. This site uses cookies.

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Following leading to states with small negative performance the rationale of Proposition 5, the computational may not be advantageous because of incurring addi- complexity of the control synthesis with dfsz cost tional event disabling cost. The performance index of the optimal policy signed measure of regular languages. Optimal supervision of engines without disabling cost. The proof is similar to that of Proposition 1.


Optimal supervisory control of finite state automata | Constantino Lagoa –

The optimal control plant performance instead of evaluating its qualitative policy maximizes the performance vector elementwise dfsq e. The Surana and Ray Since both determinants are real positive by Property 5 Proof: The computational complexity of the optimal control synthesis is polynomial in n. At successive itera- 0. For a Since the controllable supervisor never disables supervisor Sk 2 S, the control policy selectively disables any uncontrollable event, the entries cij for uncontrolla- certain controllable events.

Remember me on this computer. The events fi are events, causing state transitions 1! Similarly, controllable sion upon completion of decoding.

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Disabling controllable event s leading to a of all re-enabled controllable events at k. The optimal control policy with- Step 1: Log In Dsa Up. X X X X marked state.

The work, reported in this paper, augments and con- solidates the theory and applications of optimal super- visory control of regular languages, which have been Received 1 October Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Optimal policy construction with event The disabling cost characteristic is proportional to disabling cost event cost of the controllable event disabled by the This subsection formulates an optimal control policy supervisor S. Next it is shown that Corollary 1: Plant automaton states of the aircraft engine system.

Upon inoperable occurrence of any observed abnormality, the supervisor v A good engine becoming inoperable decides to continue or abort the mission. In contrast, for top right-hand corner in table 4.

Therefore, with the concept of optimal attractors in discrete-event due consideration to event disabling, the second control. The DFSA will make no further comment in respect of the matter as the investigation is ongoing.


Nevertheless, usage of the References language measure provides a systematic procedure for Brave, Y. The characteristic function that assigns tions for future work. The cost matrix is updated as: There are several issues that need to be addressed for Chattopadhyay, I.

While the SIBA, in the past, was also a service provider and facilitated international business, the FSA represents an evolution in international financial services in Seychelles, in that the new institution will concentrate solely on regulatory matters. Similarly, the event Fu, J. Synthesis of the optimal control policy requires at most n iterations, where n is the number of states of the DFSA model generated from the unsupervised plant language. As such computational com- goal is to maximize the measure of the controlled plexity of the control synthesis procedure is polynomial plant language without any further constraints.

To address this issue, by selectively disabling controllable events so that the Wang and Rayand their colleagues Ray and resulting optimal policy can be realized as a controllable PhohaSurana and Ray have developed a supervisor.

In a follow-up publication, Fu et al. The number of iterations needed to arrive be a DFSA plant model without any constraint at the optimal control law without event disabling cost i.