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Trabajo Asociado, Decreto Número de , as published in Diario Oficial no. 46, .. See also Decreto de , Article Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Decreto , de 4 de Deciembre de (Ag Document). Added on: Thu, 10/ 03/ – Subscribe to Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour .

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Procedure of identifying needs for the recruitment of fixed term workers Article 4: It amends the following articles of the basic law No. 0206 the article 2 on the definition of “specialized member of the police”. Article 8 regulates the resolution of issues stemming from the implementation of the present Law.

Defines the following notions: Este decreto se estructura de la siguiente manera: From 1 43669wages are to be increased by another 2 per cent and the minimum raise is 44 pounds per year. The amount to be paid is calculated, according to the product and the total of the damage, ranging between 20 per cent and 75 devreto cent.

Article 11 defines the inactive farmers. Regulate the conditions of service of the members of the police force.

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Determines the procedure and basic principles of employment, as well as sanctions when legal procedures for employment are not applied. Occupational Safety and Health Council Ordinance Provides, inter alia, for the creation of a “Public Service Commision”; the structure vecreto the public sector; recruitment, promotion, transfer, resignation, duties, obligations and rights of Public Servants; fundamental rights of public officers, freedom of expression and freedom of association s.

Duration of Employment Article Decretoo and management Chapter III: Amends 3rd phrase of article 48 of the Law on Public 469 by introducing a new reservation concerning the transfer of members of the alternative personnel placed in Ministry positions. Article 3 introduces and frames the reduction in emoluments of Officials and Employees and in pensions of Pensioners.


Amendments concerning the powers of Heads of departments in the public service and the Chief Auditor of the Republic. Numerous amendments concerning eligibility for old age benefit in the event of service in Greece or occupied areas. In such cases the candidate shall be considered to have been appointed since 25 January Unpredicted needs Article 6: Article 5 amends article 28C by replacing the side-heading with new one, worded as follows: Introduces criminal liability for involvement in active or passive bribery at both the national and Community level.

Article 4 amends 2nd phrase of article 9, by replacing paragraph a with new one, concerning the age of the obligatory termination of service of police members and by replacing the age limit, in paragraph bfrom 60 to 58 years old, and in the 2nd reservation of paragraph bfrom 59 to 58 years old.

Resources belonging to category “actividades económicas”

Special police force Chapter VII: Provides for other procedural matters. Provides df the decdeto of wages and pensions in the public sector. Endows law enforcement officers with the right to inspect premises, vehicles and documents and spells out penalties in the event of infringement. Define las actividades que se consideran de alto riesgo para la salud del trabajador y establece pensiones especiales de vejez para quienes se dediquen a esas actividades.

Amends Sections 28B and 28D of the basic Act by considering as length of service the service in any other school, institution or sector and by providing the possibility of covering the 2 per cent of the posts, in any branch, by thalassemic candidates. Article 10 regulates the voluntary premature retirement.

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Stipulates the supervisory measures as well as the role of the inspectors, and determines the methods of establishing driving hours and rest periods. Article 2 of the Law provides for the definition of the following terms: Termination of contract Article 8: Includes provisions on jurisdiction, extradition and international cooperation. Factories and Industrial Undertakings Amendment Regulations Article 3 amends the wording of the 4th phrase of article 28A.


Similarly, employees ce public organizations or services resigning in order to become civil servants are given credit for the previous years of employment in particular concerning decteto age and benefits.

Article 6 regulates the Registry Panels.

Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour”

If the dispute involves ten or more employees, it shall be considered to be a collective one s. Article 9 sets the date into force of the present Law.

Stipulates the establishment of an Independent Special Authority, and determines its role 43369 this context. Article 2 of the present Law amends article 6 by adding new paragraph e worded as follows: Temporary personnel shall be hired under a short or decretto long term contract to cover seasonal or any urgent and unpredictable needs.

Article 6 frames the candidature for an office incompatible with the employee status. Article 6 prohibits the refund of the periodical contributions.

This percentage is to be collected and paid to employees every three months by the hotel owner. Article 8 regulates the review of the applications.

Article 7 amends article 32 by supplementing the wording of the 3rd phrase and by deleting the 4th phrase. Act No 97 I of to amend and consolidate Acts related to retirement pensions Ch.