Andrei Alexandrescu (born ) is a Romanian-American C++ and D language programmer Alexandrescu released a book titled The D Programming Language in May From to , Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, and Scott. Prelude: Orem, UT, May 29 Just finished delivering my keynote. Exiting the character, I’m half dead. People say it needs to look easy. Andrei Alexandrescu: Concurrency in the D Programming if you are not that interested in the features and evolution of the D language.

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This led to a more complex build process, too, because the generated code had to be compiled. The D Programming Language is an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to D. If using new program terminates with out of memory.

Andrei Alexandrescu – Wikipedia

Jaewon Jung rated it really liked it Apr 18, Languaage I became a US citizen. Will try D out later tonight. However, I think that it needs a revised printing.

Just to explain shortly why I think the approach for D lang described in the link is very modern and very promising: Come see for yourself at dlang. I still linked it because: You can use it. Actually, there are three kinds of values and one type qualifier for functions:. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. As for the rest, it alexandrwscu. Only problem is the Kindle proramming is awful Expected can be thought of as a restriction of sum union types or algebraic datatypes in various languages, e.


OK, I see that there is a pragma that can make code that uses GC fail to compile. Return to Book Page.

New mechanics and two new characters does alexandrsscu a while to get used to. Ehden rated it it was amazing Lqnguage 03, Lutger Blijdestijn rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Submit a new link.

The guy who made that ended up writing a code generator. Today, Alexandrescu is a research scientist at Facebook, where he and a team of coders are using D to refashion small parts of the company’s massive operation.

Unfortunately, there are a number of sentences starting with “unfortunately” that curb the enthusiasm around increased computational density That’s why I think this book chapter by Alexandrescu is a gem.

He was a program manager for Netzip, Inc.


There are compilers for Linux, Windows, Mac. Retrieved 28 August Benoit rated it really liked it Jul 03, Since components are closer together, connections are also shorter, which means faster local interconnectivity. I found them to be very powerful and interesting, especially Clojure.


Just because it has a computer in it doesn’t make it programming. I would be great if there was some code i could look at, of something that can’t be easily modelled. One thing that stroke me when developing concurrent microservices was that Go has no const keyword.

Here a summary on const, immutable and shared types in D: Well, I agree it is an imperfect comparison. The first rule of using D: To be fair, Brevik worked much harder on D2 though, and it’s overall a way better game. Jan 31, Muhammad rated it it was amazing. The critique is basically that the two main developers refuse to include any breaking changes which other people see as necessary to bring the language forward and make it more consistent.

Jan 08, Rembo rated it it was amazing. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The OST for it is amazing.