Hello, We are running CQ v and Crystal Reports Developer dll’s on window clients. I have copied all the dll’s from the installation. The project data available in CQ can be viewed in the form of Report and you can export the same to other formats. Alternatively, you are also able to export the records from your ClearQuest instance and import the resulting data dump using the CSV Importer.

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Rational ClearQuest Reporting Software version: The documentation might include this information: Rational ClearQuest Report Exporter.

You can create and modify queries, charts, and reports and store them in the Public Queries folder to be available to all users.

Can you export to any other format? Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. Administrators, however, will want to track down copies of the following: For more information, see Manage databases. Creating and managing schema repositories and connections. You can also create rules that reporrt Rational ClearQuest users by e-mail when a specified event occurs.


Using the Report Launcher for Rational ClearQuest

Hello, We are running CQ v You then use the Maintenance Tool to manage these repott. However, report files can be shared using basic facilities that already exist in most organizations. If the program is not on your file system, use an alternative archive extraction exlort to store the archive contents on the file system. Contains only system fields. Describing all of the work required to design and implement a change request management system is beyond the scope of this help system.

Manage user accounts User privileges.

When the requirements are known, create or modify a schema to build the process model. ClearQuest never used to give a printer popup in earlier versions as far as I remember. A base-level configuration with the most commonly used schema elements. Identify the scope of the process.

Importing and exporting data

PulsipherKendall Scott Nov 10, The documentation might include this information:. From a command prompt, navigate to the archive directory path, and then extract the archive contents using the following command: Document the process model or models exlort the schema must enforce. Related concepts About exporting and importing report formats. You can import previously defined reports into Rational ClearQuest.


Anyone else have this problem? Monday, August 02, 2: We are running You might also enable e-mail access, and create clearqest modify public queries, charts and reports.

Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Watson Product Search Search. You also use the Designer to create a user database and associate it with a predefined schema.

Enable ClearQuest users to submit and modify records by e-mail. The instructions assume that you are logged on to the server machine where the Report Server for ClearQuest is installed.

This task includes the ongoing maintenance of customizing and managing schemas. These features are configured using parameters provided by the report viewer runtime environment. The folder structure stored in the repository is also replicated on the file system. Use the Maintenance Tool to create and manage schema repositories.

United States English English. Save, Print, Export reports. Yes No It wasn’t accurate.