[READ] Cingular Cell Phone Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Cingular Download Cingular User Manual Pdf user should obey all signs and instructions sparks in such areas sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or. DownloadOperators manual cingular cell phone. PDF Can t buy download apps in my own region. Software Update to Ver. Just got mine shipped to me.

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The folders you create and the messages you move will then be mirrored on the e-mail server. Tap the Items tab.

In the Programs in storage memory list, select the program you want to remove, and tap Remove. Using the standard on-screen Keyboard The on-screen Keyboard is available when text entry is possible. Before you can create and configure a new modem using a connection, you must install the required driver on the PC.

Federal Communications Commission Notice This equipment may be operated in: Workbooks that are password-protected or workbooks in which one or more worksheets are password-protected cannot be opened. Page To assign pictures to contacts You can assign a picture to a contact so that you can easily identify the contact at any point of time.

Notes If you have zoomed in to see a slide in more detail, you cannot navigate mznual another slide until you zoom out. Manage Screen Settings Turning off sounds and the flashing light helps conserve battery power.

Cingular 8125 Manuals

When completed, a voice tag icon right of the item. Lets you create a new archive file with a. To navigate to any other folder containing pictures or videos, tap the Down arrow corresponding to My Sounds folder.


You can search by file name or by words located in the item. Icon Description Messaging Sends and receives e-mail and text messages. Right-click the desired folder on your PC, and click Paste. Tips Ccingular in full-screen mode to see as much of your workbook as possible.

Beam Information Using Bluetooth Enter a new name for the partnership. Tap Delete from the shortcut menu. Chapter 4 Synchronizing Your Device 4. Contact your service provider for details. Using Phone Pad 2.

Customize the Start menu You can choose which items appear in the Start menu. Synchronizing Music, Video, And Pictures 4. Page If Auto configuration is unsuccessful or you have an cinggular you access using a VPN server connection, contact your ISP or network administrator for the following information and enter it manually: The page sends the file, and it is stored on your mobile device.

Do the gesture by drawing a line from left to right and back. Using Voice Speed Dial Page 22 Indicators Manuao are some of the status icons that you may see on your device.

Cingular 8125 User Manual

A list of buttons and their current assignments is displayed on the Program Buttons tab. MIDlets copied to your device using infrared, Bluetooth, or e-mail attachments are automatically saved in the My Documents folder.

Using Terminal Services Nanual Many presentation elements built into the slide shows such as slide transitions and animations will play back on the device. Calibrate the Cinguoar Calibrating the device screen involves tapping with the stylus the center of a cross as it moves around the screen. Select the Review after capture check box.


Numbers and some letters are allowed and the calculator is activated. Pocket Msn Messenger However, you can specify that a different phone number is used cingulaf. To perform a hard reset Press and hold the Comm Manager button and Voice Command button on the device.

Customize The Start Menu This can be useful when the device is running slower than normal, or a program is not performing properly. Additional Dialing Information 3. Copy the selected text. Undo the last action.

Ringer in vibration mode. Tap the name of the IMAP4 account. Transcriber works transparently in the background of programs, recognizing words with its integrated dictionary.

cingular user guide

Chapter 9 Using Other Applications 9. Pc Requirement To Run Activesync 4. Use the Tools menu The Tools menu on the Camera Settings screen provides the following advanced options for configuring and customizing the Camera mode You can even use the device camera to capture photos and video clips while composing a new MMS message, and send them along with your message.

You can also can create new workbooks and templates on your device. Using Mnaual Recognizer Here are a few tips: Cinbular set a picture as the Today screen background You can use a picture as the background on the Today screen.