DP Codes Page 2 of 3 7 Read out all the codes in Service/Protocol section Remember the codes only show the symptoms, not the problem DP # Message Given. Cafina C60 Automatic 2 Cup Espresso Cappuccino Machine with Grinders Type C | Business & Industrial, Restaurant & Food Service, Bar & Beverage. Michaelo Espresso is the exclusive US importer of Cafina Super-Automatic espresso machines. With minimal training on the Cafina c60, your staff can deliver.

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Cafina c View Item in Catalog. Seattle, WA Fax Grab Side panel with fingertips and pull sharply to open. Sign in for more lists.


Double orders count as two cups. The drawer cannot be over-filled.

Don’t have an account? Hook up Water Line. Cafina c60 Service Manual 3 The time displayed will always be the time of the last drink cafjna. You are not allowed to remove your items from the warehouse without staff assistance. You are not allowed to dump any item into the dumpsters located in and around the loading area.


Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the proxy-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before d60 auction begins if applicable. Receive our weekly newsletter and stay on top of what’s available on Cadina. Turn motor shaft so the hole points to the spout.

Check Piston Assembly Mounting Screws. Provision is made for the manager to program the portions and manual control buttons. Troubleshooting Cafina c60 Service Manual No flow from spout: Blow out with air or contact cleaner. The university is not responsible for any damage or loss of items after the bid is awarded.

Cafina Coffee Center c60 Operating Instructions Manual

Programming Cafina c60 Service Manual 2. Powerboard may be burned Short in: Resistance should toggle from infinite to less than 2 5. Switch is bad if there is any hesitation in the readings ie.

Page of 26 Go. Reference Calibration Page 6 of 6 2 Section 5: Only a 3 technicians service key will turn to this position.

It may also have a loud sound. Steam Boiler replacement Page 2 of 4 Section Swing bottom of panel out of cafima front of the Drip Tray 7.

Call Michaelo for advice. Before a machine can be installed, however, the service outlets and the drain must be prepared according to the connections diagram and be located within 1 m. The boiler and flow-through heater remain in operation while the buttons are blocked. Maintenance Cafina c60 Service Manual Scoop as many beans as possible out of the hoppers using a paper cup do not put your fingers into the grinders!


It may take several dozen shots to properly set the Reference. The actual life of the Burrs will depend on the type of coffee used and the operating conditions. This amount is subject d60 change until you make payment. The University of Washington reserves the right to refuse any bid in the best interest of the university.

Worn burrs take longer to grind the same amount of coffee. Remove the Hopper Remove the Grinder Adjusting Motor with its bracket You should feel a c600 even resistance as the gears turn. Cashier hours for Monday, January 22 through Thursday, January 25 are 8: Unified User Agreement applies.