User manual for the device Binatone SPEAKEASY 5. Online user manual database. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Binatone SPEAKEASY 5 User Manual • Binatone Phones. Get Binatone SPEAKEASY 5 Electronics Telephone User Manual. Get all Binatone manuals!.

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User Guide Please don’t rank me low for the unavailability of the manual, I’m just trying to be as helpful as I binatobe. Caller Display operation continue During the call press. Press until the display shows in the following order: Proof of purchase is required. A total REN of 4 is allowed.

Need a manual for a binatone speakeasy 5 model 1326

You can download the manual or view it here: Check it out by clicking on the following link: Place the Handset on the The power cable and telephone line cord will reach their correct wall points.

Store a name and number Inserting a Pause When storing a number in the directory you can insert a pause in the dialling sequence by pressing. The option that is flashing will be the one that is stored.

NEVER attempt any repairs or adjustments yourself – you could make the problem worse and invalidate the Guarantee. The handsfree light comes on and you can hear the dialling tone. No voice prompts Is the mains power connected and switched on? Secrecy During a call, you can talk to someone nearby without your caller hearing you. The date and time of the call.


Page 18 When the caller display list is full, the new caller display entry will replace the oldest record. See page 15 for help with entering names. Lift the handset — or press or press then press.

Headset socket Lets you connect a headset, page Login to post Please use English characters only. How do you extend ringing time before answering?

Hope i helped you. I have tried hanging them up in speakeassy base. The display shows the cursor blinking on the first character of the name field.

If you want me to help you get the manual you can send me the name and model of the camera and i would help you get it. Corded and digital cordless telephone with answering machine 46 pages.

Binatone SPEAKEASY 5 User Manual | 28 pages

Posted on Mar 08, Make sure all the cables on the underside of the base are pressed into the cable channels and not in the way. No ring tone Sleakeasy you switched the ringer volume to Off? A further 10 names and numbers can be stored in the directory.

However, if you do not want to take up binafone much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase.

Page 19 Caller Display operation continue Dec 27, Lands Phones. Caller information not available With some incoming calls, the telephone number of the caller is not available and cannot therefore be displayed. By using the loudspeaker and microphone built into the base, you can make and receive calls without picking up the handset.


The display shows next record. You cannot enter a pause as the first digit of a number. I do not show an instruction manual in my data base fro a Binatone Lyris Caller Displaywith CallWaitingWhen you subscribe to Call Waiting servicefrom your local telephone company, thistelephone will display the number of thesecond caller while you are having aconversation with the first caller.

Replace the handset to end the call.

Names can be up to 12 characters long and numbers up to 21 digits. Posted by sheila morris on Jan 27, You will need to rotate the handset hook to stop the handset from falling off. To set the third Quickdial memory button M3 to be used as a Recall button, see page If the fault persists …Disconnect all other instruments connected to thesame line as the SpeakEasy 5 and see whether youcan make a call.

There is a serious risk of explosion. M1— M3 Quickdial buttons Names can be up to 12 characters long and numbers up to 21 digits.