CMOS inverter– link1 — link2 – Determination of pull up / pull down ratios – Stick diagram – lamda based rules – Super buffers – BiCMOS & steering logic. , Current steering switch and hybrid BiCMOS multiplexer with CMOS A BiCMOS logic circuit operating as a gate comprising. A current steering switch circuit responsive to a cmos signal. Pdf a new bicmos circuit for driving large capacitive load. Bicmos technology seminar ppt and pdf.

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BiCMOS logic gate – NEC Corporation

The BiCMOS logic circuit recited in one of claim 8 and claim 9, wherein each of said respective load capacitance discharging means connected to said emitter of said NPN transistor of one of said pair of emitter followers comprises: Variations on the basic TTL design are intended to reduce these effects and improve speed, power consumption, or both. Logic family 2 circuits applications such as cpus and memory chips which fall outside of the scope of this article.

These are generally used “on-chip” and are not delivered as building-block medium-scale or small-scale integrated circuits.

Bicmos a new bicmos circuit for driving large capacitive load. It is extremely simple logjc inexpensive because it only uses passive components. In computer engineering, a logic family may refer to one of two related concepts.

ECL-compatible semiconductor device having a prediffused gate array.

With HC and HCT logic and Logiv logic competing in the market it became clear that further improvements were needed to create the ideal logic device that combined anr speed, with low power dissipation and compatibility with older logic families. Toggle speed represents the fastest speed at which a J-K flip flop could operate.

If you are a society or association member and require assistance with obtaining online access instructions please contact our. And also a high operating speed is realized in the embodiment, without any high cost processing as a self-alignment process or a trench element separation an, since values of incidental capacitances of MOS transistors are equivalent to those of a bipolar transistor materialized by the self-alignment process and the trench element separation process, and cutoff frequency of MOS transistor is sufficiently high.


Bicmos logic circuits wiley encyclopedia of electrical and. On the other hand, having a merit as for the power supply voltage reduction without emitter follower, the conventional CML gate is inferior in its output-driving capacity and has a problem of a remarkable slowdown with a load lobic fanouts or wiring capacitances.

USA – BiCMOS logic gate – Google Patents

Cutoff frequency fr of a 0. Therefore, with MOS transistors of low gate-drain voltage in addition to extremely low source-drain voltage, a BiCMOS logic gate with a low power supply voltage is provided in the embodiment, which can be cascaded with little increase of the power supply voltage.

The BiCMOS logic circuit recited in one of claims 5 through 9 or 1 pogic 2, in combination with, sharing a common power supply with, and being on a common substrate with at least one circuit of a type selected from the group consisting of: And so, with MOS transistors free of speed down caused by an excessive amplitude of an input signal, a BiCMOS logic gate of the embodiment can be practically combinated with other type logic gates including a logic gate needing a low power supply for avoiding deterioration caused by hot electrons without any additional power supply, providing a high applicability.

Since nMOS transistors, having low mutual conductance gm compared with bipolar transistors, are used as switching elements in the BiCMOS logic gate of the embodiment, complementary signals are better to be used for the logic signals. Drain of the fifth nMOS transistor 19 is connected to the second resistor 4 together with drain of the third nMOS transistor 17 and further connected to gate of the sixth nMOS transistor 20 and the first output terminal 21, and similarly, drain of the sixth nMOS transistor 20 is connected to the second resistor 3 stteering with drain of the fourth nMOS transistor 18 and logoc connected to gate of the fifth nMOS transistor 19 and the second output terminal In other words, no ECL gate predominant in its speed to sub-micron-processed CMOS gates is materialized by simple and low-cost processes as a bipolar process.

MOS folded source-coupled stefring. Furthermore, in a BiCMOS logic gate of an embodiment of the present invention, a dynamic range of said output complementary logic signal is arranged to be not smaller than a dynamic range of said input complementary logic signal and not larger than two times of said dynamic range of said input complementary logic signal.


But here, the gate-drain overlay, capacitance C1′ is fairly small in MOS transistors. Thus, OR logic of A and B is obtained from the second output terminal Ghosh, phi learning private limited, m97, connaught circus.

BiCMOS current switching circuit having a plurality of resistors of a specified value. Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July Since the fifth nMOS transistor 19 remains ON, gated by drains of the fourth and the sixth nMOS transistors 18, 20 charged to potential of the positive power supply GND, output signals of the latch circuit remain unchanged.

Logic family

In the analog market the ability to integrate large mixed systems provides the compelling cost advantage of bicmos. Still more, a BiCMOS logic gate of an embodiment of the present invention is designed to have each fixed value predetermined for a logic voltage swing, a voltage level of logic HIGH and a voltage level of logic LOW of said input complementary logic signals.

In the embodiments heretofore described, emitter followers having a resistor as their load discharging element are applied, but the load discharging elements can be substituted by nMOS transistors with their gates connected to the positive power supply GND as shown in FIG. When two ECL gates are cascade-connected, input signal level for the lower pair of NPN transistors should be lower by a forward base-emitter bias Vf than that for the upper pair of NPN transistors.

US5739703A – BiCMOS logic gate – Google Patents

As described heretofore, for a conventional ECL gate, of which operating speed greatly depends on incidental capacitances as well as the cutoff frequency fT of its NPN transistors, high cost processes as a base-emitter self-alignment process and a trench element separation process are indispensable. Some military applications pre-dated civilian use. Bicmos current steering pipeline circuit technique ieee.

When complementary logic signals are input to gates of the first and the second nMOS transistors 6 and 7, the first nMOS transistor 6, e. In a nMOS transistor of 0.