ACI R Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, And Placing Concrete – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. werewrerrr. ACI R: Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete. Buy ACI R (R) Guide For Measuring, Mixing, Transporting And Placing Concrete from SAI Global.

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In most placements, there is little to be gained from attempts to consolidate the acl aggregate in place by rodding or vibration. The weighing cycle is started by a single start switch, and individual batchers are charged simultaneously. The mixture is lifted and folded as it is moved from the charging end to the discharging end of the pugmill, where the completed mixture is discharged onto an elevated conveyor belt for easy loading into trucks.

Larger aggregates 1 in. Another approach to accommodate long hauls is to use extended-set admixtures.

ACI 304R-89 – Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, And

Visual observation of the concrete during mixing and discharge from the mixer is an important aid in maintaining a uniform mixture, particularly with a uniform consistency. Manual plants are acceptable for small jobs having low batching-rate requirements.

These antiwashout admixtures are discussed in Section 8.

If the seal is lost, or if the concrete is disturbed in any way, additional laitance will be formed when starting or restarting pipes. Given the small amount of the admixture used for this application, use of an activating admixture is not usually required. If ice is used, the ice facilities, including the equipment for batching and transporting to the mixer, should be properly insulated to prevent the ice from melting before it is in the mixer.


After the forms are erected, shored, properly braced, and set to line and grade, all small openings should be caulked.

ACI 304R-00.pdf

Newer versions of these mixers are used in the production of normal- and high-strength concrete, with slumps of up to 8 in. Curing measures should be ready for use at the proper time ACI Readings are taken automatically and incorporated into the batching of these ingredients. Curing conditions are excellent and drying shrinkage is minimal.

Green-cutting by a diver is difficult but can be accomplished where there is no practical alternative for cleaning. If forms are sufficiently open and clear so that the concrete is not disturbed in a vertical fall into place, direct discharge without the use of hoppers, trunks or chutes is favorable. Free water is not as likely to appear and accumulate between finishing operations if proper mixture proportions and consistency are used. It is conceivable, but as yet untried, to provide internal cooling using the water available at the site or to include insulation in the fabrication of forms used in structural placements.

Lastly, if steady concrete pouring is not achieved and concrete strike against the form as explained in Figure 4, the concrete would suffer from separation and hence honeycomb at the bottom would prevail.

Guptill Chairman David J.

R Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete (Reapproved )

In difficult and obstructed placements, supplemental form vibration can be used. Each bin compartment from which cement is batched should include a separate gate, screw conveyor, air slide, rotary feeder, or other conveyance that effectively allows both constant flow and precise cutoff to obtain accurate batching of cement.


When a screeded or troweled finish is required, the grout should be brought up to flood the aggregate surface and any diluted surface grout should be removed by brooming.

Three to four times more pressure is required per foot of vertical rise than is necessary per foot of horizontal movement. Controlling the maximum and minimum concrete temperatures throughout all seasons of ack year is important. A final detailed inspection of the foundation, construction joints, forms, water stops, reinforcement, and any other embedments in the placement should be made immediately before the concrete is placed.

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Moisture meters should be calibrated to oven-dried samples for optimum consistency of readings. Illustrations showing proper and improper design and arrangement of batch plant bins and weigh batchers are given in Fig. The pipeline is cleaned by propelling a sponge ball or rubber go-devil through the line with air or water pressure. Conduct trial placements to determine what works best with a particular concrete mixture.

Download Aci Aci r Improper pouring of concrete into narrow forms such as walls and columns. Department of Commerce ; Bozarth