Honda is one of the few automakers left that still sprinkle manual transmission options throughout its lineup, with the Acura TL being the. Whatever you think of the new Acura TL’s er, unusual styling, you’ve got to hand it to the boffins working on the car — they’re enthusiasts. Thankfully, shortly after the TL went on sale, Acura announced plans to add a manual gearbox back to the lineup. Unfortunately, it would.

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With sweeping shapes, generous use of premium materials and passionate attention to detail, the TL rewards the discriminating eye. You have no vehicle information saved in your Acura Owners account. Engine side mount bushing stiffness increases by 80 percent, front mount rate increases by 17 percent, rear hydro mount firmness increases by 50 percent and the transmission upper mount is stiffened by percent.

The six-speed manual is 88 lb lighter than the five-speed automatic, and Acura didn’t alter the springs and shocks, so the car has a slightly stiffer ride.

You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. It only takes a few seconds. Think Civic Si’s more-sophisticated older brother. Photo Gallery 201 Photos in this Gallery.

Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. The car will cost the same as an automatic TL with the tech package, and in. Acura is one of those: Whatever you think of the TL’s looks — and your opinion will be strong, guaranteed — you must give Acura big credit for maintaining a manual gearbox option in a segment for which it has been all but abandoned.


Kirill Ougarov February 15, Please contact any authorized Acura dealer to determine if your vehicle is eligible for an update and to schedule a software update appointment. Acura says your humble servant’s best lap time of 1: Besides the smooth shifting-action, the tri-pedal enhances the TL’s sporting intentions.

Acura first introduced ACE to the Acura line for the model year and its inclusion in the fourth generation TL means that every vehicle in the Acura model range now has this advanced safety engineering.

Owner’s Manuals | Acura TL | Acura Owners Site

Six air bags and active head restraints for the driver and front passenger seats are just a few of the long list of passive safety features built into the TL. How does it work? The result is a remarkably balanced and precise all-wheel-drive performance sedan that excels all year, not just during inclement weather. Answer Center Find what you are looking for Optional: Thanks to its large exterior dimensions, the fourth generation TL has 1.

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Select a Model 3. And free is good, right?

Honda management figured the stick might as well be scrubbed, however, and management still has months to pull the plug if it so decides. The air-bag array includes dual-stage, multiple-threshold front air bags, dual-chamber front seat side air bags with front passenger seat Occupant Position Detection System and side-curtain air bags for front and outboard rear seating positions.

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2010 Acura TL – Owner’s Manual (612 pages)

On the dollar front, selecting the manual over the auto doesn’t add or subtract from the purchase price. Clutch weight is just right and pickup is smooth and progressive. The front dampers incorporate 5 percent more compression damping to generate improved turn-in feel. See all 9 photos.


Acura also recalibrated the Hill Start Assist system to keep the mankal from rolling back on inclines. Welding Metal Using Car Batteries. With optimized suspension, two performance transmission choices, plus an available Technology Package featuring a comprehensive array of navigation and communication aids, the TL offers more appeal than ever before. Benefits of this frame design include improved crash safety, a significant reduction in interior noise levels and reduced aerodynamic drag that helps enhance fuel efficiency.

Whatever you think of the new Acura TL’s er, unusual styling, you’ve got to hand it to the boffins working on the car achra they’re enthusiasts.

Ads can be annoying. By keeping the pedal effort linear, the driver has improved feel that results in better clutch interaction.

First Drive: 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD Manual

In addition to the powertrain and technology choices, TL buyers can further customize their performance luxury sedan with tire and wheel upgrades. Very well, thank you. Here’s how to disable adblocking on our site. The new self-adjusting, dual-mass clutch delivers extremely consistent effort throughout the entire stroke of the pedal.